Friday, April 29, 2011

Call for 2012 Phi Beta Delta Calendar Photo Submissions

The Zeta Gamma Chapter of Phi Beta Delta at Northern Illinois University is calling for photo submissions for its 2012 calendar. Deadline for submissions is 4:30 p.m. on July 1, 2011.

Students who have returned from study abroad or international students enrolled at NIU may participate in the photo contest for the Phi Beta Delta calendar.  Students should email their three (3) best photos from their study abroad experience (study abroad students) or from their home country (international students) to  (Please note that this is an email inbox.  If files are large, please send them in separate emails.)  Additionally, a CD or flash drive can be dropped off at the Study Abroad Office, Williston Hall 417. 

Students should include captions for each photo to identify what is in the photo, as well as where it was taken.  Students are also asked to include how they would like their names to appear when receiving credit for the photograph.

Once all photo submissions have been received, the photos will be reviewed and selected for inclusion in the calendar by the Phi Beta Delta calendar committee members.  Winners will be notified via email.
2011 Phi Beta Calendar Photos
Please note that all photos become the property of the Division of International Programs and the Zeta Gamma Chapter of Phi Beta Delta at NIU.  By entering this contest, students agree to the use of their photos on any or all International Programs websites, print advertising, flyers, posters, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, or any other use that International Programs' departments deem appropriate.  The Division of International Programs will identify the person who submitted any photo when it is used.

For questions concerning the Phi Beta Delta calendar photo contest, please contact the Study Abroad Office at 815-753-0700 or the International Student and Faculty Office at 815-753-1346.

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